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Hello 2018

*dust dust*
Hello, this long untouched space of mine! I am doing a very spontaneous post to get me started on my blogging mojo back. Here I am at 10.30pm, both kids asleep and I am done prepping Hana's snack and lunchbox for school tomorrow.
I made her overnight oats (natural yogurt, granola, passion fruit, honey and dark choco flakes) and for lunch, its peanut butter toast, cherry tomatoes, blueberries and a pack of veggie juice we got from Japan!
I know I said I needed to step up my game on her lunchbox and not always do peanut butter toast, I will! I need to draw up a meal plan and start managing what to buy when I do groceries run.
2017 hasn't been all good but its not that bad. We moved out of my parents house cause there's just not enough space. I can barely breathe in that small room and I feel so bad having all my things in my sister's room that whenever they are back to Seremban, they have to sleep in the living room =(
Also, there are other things on-going as well…
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#hanaootd (Jan - June 2016)

Oh dear, can't believe I have this in draft for so long now haha! I think I keep wanting to add more pictures but with my pictures being everywhere - camera album, editing app album, instagram, whats app etc, it took me forever to be able to compile everything. I obviously need to manage my pictures better especially those that I want to blog about!
First pretty ootd pic I have for 2016 is this! The dress is from her Dayre Christmas secret santa (thank you!) and I am so love with it! She looks so girly and princessy.
Dress is from H&M - Socks from Next - Shoes from Taobao A Chinese New Year outfit!
Got this dress from Tesco and I love the length! She looks like she was posing but in actual fact, she is not. I think I did a couple of continuous shot and managed to get this! Others are all of her moving and they were blurry hahaha.
Shoes from Adidas. Bareback romper!
I love this a lot! I think it is stylish with the ruffles yet not too loud with the solid light grey colour. I love it a…

Hana's 2nd birthday staycation @ Avilion Port Dickson

[23 October 2016] We went to Avillion Port Dickson for a staycation for Hana's 2nd birthday! I have been thinking how to celebrate her birthday and decided that we should go for a staycation because -
(i) she doesn't get the idea of birthday yet; (ii) she loves swimming; and (iii) we love staycation!
We checked in on a Sunday instead of Friday or Saturday to avoid the weekend crowd. With Port Dickson, its not just avoiding the crowd from KL, its also to avoid Singaporeans! A lot of Singaporeans love Port Dickson haha. This little boy's first beach staycation hehehe
Check in was pretty smooth. Settled the kids in the villa while the adults moved the bags from the car. This has to be my favourite part of the villa cause its so nice to hear the sound of the waves and be able to look out of the window when you are in bed. Our little family squeezed nicely into this as well. The outdoor rain shower. Hana was very excited to be in the villa. She can obviously tell that she is in a differe…